Purchase Orders

This module will enable you to track Purchase Orders and Backorders for each vendor.  You will also be able to order merchandise automatically with minimum and maximum quantities.  Equally important, you will be able to view customer sales orders when receiving backordered merchandise and forecast shortages.  

Accounts Receivables/Accounts Payables

Our AR/AP modules will allow you to accurately track all of your customers overdue invoices and the amounts owed to your vendors.  You will be able to issue invoices as well as post any new customer payments.  Our AP module will allow you to manage inventory and expense accounts automatically while allowing you to focus on your day-to-day business activities among other things.

Point of Sale/Distribution and Sales Orders

Our Point of Sale module will allow retailers to produce tickets quickly and accurately.  It will also allow you to effectively and efficiently manage cash, inventory, and credit.  The Distribution modules will easily let you prepare and approve pick up, delivery and shipping of merchandise.  You will also be able to control and track special orders and total audit trail of cusomer sales orders, shipments and invoices.  These modules interface with our A/R and Purchase Orders.

Sales Analysis/Inventory and General Ledger

Sales Analysis Module will help your business identify sales and profit analysis from three different perspectives:  Customers, Products and Vendors while also allowing for running of customer reports based on customer, suppliers, and products.  Inventory Module will manage your inventory accurately while allowing you to track quantities on hand as well as quantity ordered and purchased.  The ALX Business Software allows to you track your cycle counts, and to alternate units of measure, color and size just to name a of few features.  With the G/L module you will be ble to keep track of your books (assets, liabilities, revenues, and exprenses.)

Exceptional Support & Service ALX 8 Module System

Maintaining, developing, and protecting your company's  database can be difficult. Having to deal with unseen problems, upgrades, and implementations is a challenge in itself. But having to maintain the resources for an in-house Software Development department can be truly expensive and overwhelming. That is where ALX Systems, Inc. becomes an invaluable partner.

We provide a complete solution for your organization.  Our software is composed of eight modules that are seamlessly integrated to provide you with the necessary tools to succeed and help you.  Our consulting services will ensure your company runs optimally, at all times. With the ability to customize your ERP, growth and productivity are at your fingertips.