Seamless Integrated Software 
Complete Customizable Solution

Providing Peace of Mind

When it comes to custom software solutions you want a company with an extensive background and experience. ALX Systems, Inc. is that company. Our team specializes in supporting small and medium businesses, ensuring your business is runnining effeciently and effectively.  Our 8 Module System provides the peace of mind any business will need.

With cost effective consulting services, we enable you to run your company effectively and securely while providing the support needed to ensure daily operations run smoothly. You will also find expansion a lot simpler when the time comes.

Your Support System

Our 8 Module System will provide you the peace of mind you need to ensure growth and productivity.  Having the right tool implemented allows you to focus on what is important which is growth.

On-Site &
Remote Services


For your convenience remote and on-site services are available. Contact our offices in South Florida to speak with us about helping you run your business to its maximum capacity.